Two reasons why air conditioning systems are needed in industrial facilities

An air conditioning system is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment in an industrial facility. Read on to find out why. It protects materials from heat-induced damage A huge number of industrial facilities make use of temperature-sensitive materials which can be destroyed by excess heat. The quality of pharmaceuticals, food and drink, for example, can all be negatively affected by high temperatures, as harmful bacteria and fungi tend to thrive in warm environments. Read More 

Engineering Plastics: Reasons to Use Plastic Bearings Over Metallic Bearings

Engineering plastics refer to plastic materials that have been enhanced to have a higher mechanical as well as thermal performance. This makes them much stronger than regular plastic that is used for commodities such as polyethene or PVC, which are used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, plastic containers and more. Since engineering plastics have enhanced performance, they tend to be more expensive than their conventional counterparts are. As such, they are produced in smaller quantities and are used for applications such as bearings and other mechanical parts. Read More 

Four Simple Tips for Choosing an Air Cannon for a Biomass Energy Plant

In a biomass energy plant, a series of air cannons facilitate the efficient flow of biomass materials such as wood chips and seed and agricultural byproducts. The system prevents the blockage or accumulation of these materials, which can significantly affect the efficiency of the plant. With air cannons, you can eliminate the buildup of ash in the tubes and walls of the biomass-fired boilers. Therefore, when choosing the right type of air cannon for your energy plant, you should consider the following factors. Read More 

How to Keep Your Office Safe From the Risk of a Fire

A company owner and managers have a responsibility for keeping the staff safe, and this means more than just providing factory workers with safety gear. Office workers also need to be safe when on the job; as a business owner or manager, you may not think there is much risk of a fire in your company, but they do occur and can be devastating. As safety is your responsibility, note a few tips for reducing your risk of a fire and any damage they may cause if one should start. Read More 

Hydraulics 101: The Temperature Effect

You probably don't like the process of changing the hydraulic oil in your log splitter. It's often a messy affair, but it's necessary if you hope to continue to enjoy the convenience of having the hydraulic splitter. You might not know it, but your actions probably contribute to the degradation of hydraulic oil in the splitter and the subsequent need for an oil change. This article discusses the effect of temperature extremes on hydraulic fluid and how your actions may be a contributing factor to the degradation of this fluid. Read More