Three Reasons to Choose Water Jet Cutting

There are different machines used in cutting operations during fabrication of equipment parts and general commodities. If your business requires supply of these types of custom products for sale or company usage, you will need to choose an ideal cutting method for the manufacturing process. One of the advantageous techniques is water jet cutting, whether you are planning on carrying out in-house fabrication or outsourcing the work. Basically, this cutting process uses a machine, which releases a jet of water under high pressure during fabrication. Read More 

Packaging solutions: Top benefits of custom foam case inserts

Transportation is an activity that is faced with a number of uncertainties and if you constantly ship in delicate items, then you need to be cautious. Normally, items are packaged in a plethora of different ways and several filler materials are used to absorb the shock. Air pillows, Styrofoam peanuts and form inserts are just some of the few examples. However, custom foam case inserts are increasingly being used and their popularity is ever increasing. Read More 

5 Signs That Hint About The Right Time to Sharpen Your Chainsaw

Sharpening the blades of your chainsaw improves efficiency of the tool. More importantly, though, it decreases the risks of getting injured. Dull chains consume a lot of your energy, and as a result, they cause fatigue, impaired judgment and frustrations. Such effects may lead to loss of focus, and hence, infliction of injuries.   So before you cut down your tree, sharpen the blades of your chainsaw first for an easier time. Read More 

Signs Indicating the Need for an Elevator Upgrade

 A number of elevator problems, including slow operation and system downtime, are rather obvious. However, others, including electrical noise generation and high-energy use, are not. Their effects, conversely, may be experienced all over the building. More often than not, old elevator systems experience many problems that necessitate the need for an upgrade. Here are some of the common elevator problems that facility managers should be conscious of, as they point towards the need for elevator upgrade. Read More 

Cleaning out the Garden Shed: What to Do with Old Tools

Tools that are well-made can stand the test of time. Having said that, tools don't last forever, or you might realise that you simply no longer need the tools in question. So whether you're getting rid of tools that are past their prime, or are getting rid of tools in order to make some space, there are many ways to dispose of these tools other than simply throwing them away with your rubbish. Read More