4 Fast and Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Air Cannon for Your Silo

If you own a silo, you may understand how frustrating it can be to deal with material blockage. Generally, this happens when materials stick together inside the silo, causing a blockage and hindering their smooth flow. Some types of silos can be actively vibrated to prevent such occurrences. However, if you own a concrete silo, this won't be a practical solution because it's quite challenging to effectively vibrate concrete silos. And here's where air cannons come in. These blast aerators are perfectly designed to restore material flow by discharging compressed air under pressure through the blockage. However, you must invest in the correct type of air cannon, and here's the ultimate guide to help you.

Consider A Programmable Air Cannon

Air cannons can be automatically or manually operated. The latter is usually less expensive, but their automatic or programmable counterparts have an edge in ease of use. Programmable air cannons allow you to control the intervals at which the compressed air streams are released inside the silo. For manual air cannons, someone is required to operate them, which makes them more labour intensive. Programmable air cannons are perfect for syrup-based materials such as grains that tend to stick together easily.

Pick the Right Valve System

Air cannons operate on a single-valve or multi-valve system, and the size of your silo will determine which system works best. Generally, single-valve air cannons are best suited for small or simple material-handling silos. On the other hand, if you have a large and complex silo with materials flowing from various points, a multi-valve air cannon would be the perfect solution for you. It is more practical and efficient and is a cost-effective alternative to buying multiple air cannons for each of the various points from which material is flowing.

Choose the Right Pressure Rating

Pressure rating is another crucial element to think about when choosing an air cannon for your silo. Air cannons have different pressure ratings, and the ideal pressure rating depends on the weight of materials in your silo. For instance, heavier materials such as grains or fodder, which comprises undried plant materials for livestock feed, may require an air cannon with a higher pressure rating than lighter materials such as wood chips. Therefore, think about the weight of the materials you are blasting before you choose an air cannon.

Consider Operational Temperature

It's also good to consider the temperatures in your silo when purchasing an air cannon. If you are moving heated materials or the silo operates at high speeds, you need to invest in an air cannon that can withstand the high temperatures. Air cannons made from stainless steel would be ideal for such applications. 

Keep this information in mind as you look for an air cannon for your silo.