Why an Aluminum Roof Can Be a Good Choice for Your Home

Before you have a new roof put on your home or tell your builder the type of roof you want for a new home, you might want to consider an aluminum roof. Metal roofs offer many advantages over other types of building materials, and aluminum especially can be the right option for your home. Note a few reasons why aluminum can be such a good roofing material and when it can be the best choice for your home in particular.

Fire resistance

Metal is more fire resistant than asphalt shingles, so if you live in an area that is a high risk for brushfires or wildfires, you might opt for an aluminum roof. This can keep a fire from spreading if it should start in your house and help prevent a fire from starting if your home is hit by lightning.


It's not unusual for homeowners to assume that a metal roof is very heavy, but it's actually usually much lighter than an asphalt roof or stone tiles. Note that roofing tiles are very heavy themselves whereas long pieces of metal, and especially aluminum, are very light. This can be important for older homes that may not be structurally secure and which may get damaged under the weight of any other type of roof or which may need added structural support for new asphalt or stone shingles. Using aluminum as your roofing material can help to avoid this added expense of needing to brace up the home's overall frame.


Aluminum does not crumble, rust or corrode, so it may be much more durable than any other type of roofing material, including steel. This can make it a good choice in tropical areas or anywhere that gets a lot of rainfall or snowfall; the metal will not start to crumble or rust because of the moisture of the weather or the climate.


You may not think that a metal roof would be very attractive, but note that aluminum can be easily bent and shaped into just about any configuration, so you can have a roof with rounded troughs or simple, flat pieces to match your home's style. Aluminum can also be powder coated in many colors so it can easily coordinate with brick, aluminum siding, or concrete walls no matter their color. Asphalt shingles typically don't offer as many color options so they may not be as attractive as a metal roof overall.