Cleaning out the Garden Shed: What to Do with Old Tools

Tools that are well-made can stand the test of time. Having said that, tools don't last forever, or you might realise that you simply no longer need the tools in question. So whether you're getting rid of tools that are past their prime, or are getting rid of tools in order to make some space, there are many ways to dispose of these tools other than simply throwing them away with your rubbish.

Sell Them as Scrap Metal

It's not so difficult to remove rust from old tools, and once this has happened you might reconsider throwing them out! Obviously, tools contain a lot of metal and so you can take these to a scrap metal dealer and make a bit of cash. The tools will then be repurposed to make something else.

Donate Them to a Community Organisation or Charity

If you don't want to remove the rust, the tools might still be of use to someone. Is there a community garden in your local area? There might even be one at a local school or retirement home. These organisations will be thankful to receive your old tools, even if they're a little rusty. If there is no suitable organisation nearby, you can donate your usable old tools to charity.

Properly Dispose of Them

If the tools in question have degraded to the point that they cannot be sold or reused, you will need to dispose of them properly. Despite the fact that most tools have recyclable components, they cannot be placed into your recycling bin. Check the sticker that these yellow-topped bins come with, and you will see that tools are not included on the list of recyclable items. Contact your city council to find out which dump has the facilities to accept these old tools. They will then be recycled or properly disposed of.

Disposing of Old Power Tools

It's very important to not simply throw old power tools out, as their electrical components can be harmful to the environment. Again, your local city council might be able to direct you to a dump that can accept these items. You can also contact the manufacturer (it doesn't matter how old the tool is). Many manufacturers operate a free take-back system where the product is dismantled, with recyclable components then removed. Anything that cannot be recycled is disposed of safely.

When cleaning out the garden shed, it's important to remember that your old tools might still have some service left in them. And for anything that has reached the end of its usefulness, you can ensure that it's disposed of in a way that is environmentally responsible.