Different Types of Liftgates for Trucks

The liftgate is an important module in commercial trucks, particularly those used for hauling heavy loads. The right liftgate will make loading and unloading tasks easier and promote safety for the workers. A poor choice will be prone to premature failure, inefficiency and increased long-term costs with regard to repair and maintenance. There are assorted liftgates in the automotive market therefore choosing the best one can be challenging. It is crucial to understand your options before making your purchase. Here are the main types of liftgates to consider installing in your commercial truck.


The tuck-away liftgate is bolted or even welded to the rear of the truck body or chassis. The structure consists of discrete platform sections which are connected by hinges. The liftgate is folded using the hinges and tucked away beneath the body when the truck is in motion. This type of storage is convenient and the platform can be unfolded easily when loading and unloading. Tuck-away liftgates are typically fabricated using steel but you will find other options such as aluminium. This configuration choice is ideal for your commercial truck if you require fast and efficient access of the liftgate during operation. For example, a delivery business will benefit by installing the tuck-away liftgate.


The railgate liftgate is designed and fabricated using solid metal platforms. A small truck can have a single loading panel but larger ones may have more platforms joined using hinges. This type of liftgate can be installed in most truck designs including pick-up trucks, refrigerated trailers and even flatbed trucks. Generally, when you want to install a railgate liftgate, you will need to engage a technician to weld steel rails on the door frame at the rear of the truck. The liftgate will be connected to the truck bed using hinges and to the rails by chains or hydraulic lift arms. These will allow the liftgate to be opened or folded when loading and unloading.

Level Lift

The level lift structure is a single platform which is mounted on the chassis under the rear part of the truck. It is designed to fold flat against the rear truck door. The platform in this liftgate incorporates hydraulic rams for lifting and lowering the structure. The main advantage of the level lift system is that the incline of the gate can be adjusted as when a load is being raised. This will give you an advantage when using the liftgate as a ramp.

Always provide accurate and comprehensive truck details when ordering a liftgate. Read more information here.